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Presentation of the aspirants of the Brazil-Caribean Province (and V) – Gabriela Núñez

September 27, 2018

My name is Gabriela Núñez Peralta, Dominican; 21 years old. I am still in the University in the Faculty of Engineering, in my 3rd year in Industrial Engineering. I just started the experience of the Aspirancy with the Daughters of Jesus, on September 6, in the house of Licey al Medio. I’ve only had a week, and I am still feeling that nostalgia for my family. Here the people, the atmosphere and the sharing in the house with my companions are making an auspicious, comfortable and warm space for my experience.

This time will be for me to enter into an experience where the central focus will be me on my way to an encounter with my story, my fears, my truth and the way of being of a loving God, close, supportive, friend, companion. I wish every day to be more like him, to revel in his look, for his love of the gospel and for that selfless love that is so extreme at the same time. Pray for this beautiful experience so that He may continue to ignite that desire to love and follow Him. Receive a strong and warm hug given happily and enthusiastically!