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ASSEMBLY of the Colombia-Venezuela Region

March 20, 2017

From Colombia the Daughters of Jesus share their experience of the assembly held in this region (Colombia-Venezuela).

On March 16 we received in our House of Reina de la Paz – Community of Colombia – our three Sisters in Venezuela: Matilde Polanco, Lucía Sanz and Feney Serrano, remembering Mª Carmen Caballero, now in Spain, recovering her health nicely. They came loaded with the work they do with women in Wayú fabrics, the reason for which will be understood below.
On the 18th and 19th, after the celebration of the Eucharist, they were dedicated to this meeting which, like the other regions of the Andean American Province, had similar objectives, taking into account circumstances of times, places, people …
Here, from the concrete reality of these countries and with the participation of a large group of lay people committed to the charism of M. Candida. A total of 18. They were a real encouragement to us Daughters of Jesus.
The morning of the first day was dedicated to getting a little bit into the reality of our countries, especially Colombia and some of its border with Venezuela; this work was stimulated by Jaqueline Castañeda, a Colombian committed to Human Rights in peace-building today. And also, victim of the armed stakeholders. The following articles were worked out in groups:
– The War of the Stories
– The Truth Commission and the victims
– The week of Macondo: Nobel Peace Prize and plebiscite
– Pope Francisco comes to Colombia from September 6 to 10
A dialogue took place in each of the groups, discussing and reflecting with real interest on the complex content offered in each article. From her own experience – since she was at the negotiating table in Havana and also a direct victim of the conflict – she illuminated the complexity of the implementation of the peace agreements. In the afternoon, Graciela began by returning to the theme of the morning from the sentiments, calls and questions that were left in the heart of each one. A very rich moment really in this assembly, giving way to a deep sharing of real, possible commitments, of mobilization deep within each of us before the testimony of Jaqueline. Later, we went into the deepening of what is the Daughters of Jesus-Lay shared mission. It ended with an exercise of dreaming together in this Daughters of Jesus-Lay Region. Dreams of a greater commitment to follow Jesus in the charism of M. Candida emerged.

The second day, after Graciela Francovig read the messages of sisters from the other regions joining this meeting, with that beautiful sense of union and body, like that of one of the educators of Reina [de la Paz] who participated the previous day, we the sisters were already centered on the Letter “Proclaim” in relation to GC XVII and how we dream as Region in the near future.
It was also another packed day, heartfelt and which finally led to a deep dialogue and exchange of feelings, giving importance to the hope and the certainty that we are in the hands of the Spirit. He, like Paul, will open or close doors for us, as Acts 16: 1-40 tells us. The family moments we had after dinner were very interesting, where through the sharing of news we approached the different regions of the Province, with a sense of provincial body. Being a single province in Andina America helps us to live union and the sense of belonging to it.
The sharing of the sisters of Venezuela on the complex reality of this country, which they live, witness and which affect them directly, as well as the new opportunities that open in the apostolic mission, filled us with spiritual joy by the amazing action of the Spirit. Who from fragility brings life, forces, new alternatives.

Region Colombia-Venezuela