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At the end of the year…

December 28, 2023

BE SILENT. These are days of rush and people, of a thousand “meetings” and too many lights. Find a place where you can get away from the maelstrom that drags us and make silence. Outside… and inside. To meet you and, hopefully, God.

THANKS. Realize how much has been given to you in these 365 days. How much has happened that might not have been. Life, health, friendship, work,… People, situations, conversations, love, intelligence, children, partner, illusion? Learnings from some bitter gift that the year has brought.

ASK God for LIGHT to discover him in your year, to realize where he has gone.

REMEMBER, review, review, review, reread… watch the movie of your year. Events, people, projects, opportunities, mistakes, disconcerts and, perhaps, disappointments. Where has God been? Where did you discreetly leave your business card? What did he say? What did it move you to? Is there a constant, something that repeats? Don’t lose track of him. His word is always of life, of more life.

ASKS FOR FORGIVENESS. Is there anything that hurts you? People with whom you have not been a gift? Situations in which you have gone “your own way”? Reactions where you have not been your best “you“?

LOOKS AHEAD. Look at the year that opens up before you. How is it presented? What are you going to face? Listen to what the Lord is calling you to, how he invites you to position yourself, to respond; what he wants you to face or undertake.

Remember that he does not leave you alone, that he is at your side welcoming your weaknesses (he has forgiven them even before we see them) and encouraging the possibilities he gives you.

End by ASKING HIS GRACE that in the new year you may be as He desires for you.