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Award for the Chapel of the Rosarillo in Valladolid

April 6, 2016

The Official College of Architects of Castile and Leon (Spain) has granted an award, dated March 21, 2016, for the work of building the Chapel for the Altarpiece of the Rosarillo, which is currently at the “Colegio Sagrada Familia” of the Daughters of Jesus along the Segovia Highway (Valladolid).
The jury awarded the prize in the IX Awards of Architecture and Urbanism of Castile and Leon, stressing “the careful detail of the proposal, the treatment of the object as a whole albeit toying with the contrast between the external image of the building and the interior space. The skillful use of light, which gives the piece its own character, has been a point of reference in the development of the project, just as the faceted surfaces of the interior have been”.