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Build the Compact on Education

November 23, 2021

A little over a month ago we enjoyed the joy of meeting many educators from the School of M. Candida. It was the  ninth of October

Within the celebration of this 150th anniversary of the founding of the Congregation, we began the response to the sixth Call in Apostolic Action. The confluence of this call with the Global Educational Compact is undeniable.

With the desire to continue taking steps in the creation of networks, in a dynamism “from the local to the global”, the Guide of the Pact was sent to the Educational Centers according to Mother Candida’s way of educating.

It’s exciting to send this “personalized” Guide  (courtesy of  SM). It carries our  Jesus and a few words from Graciela on the back cover. To the end that it reaches the Educational Centers through the person of the Director/tress and the Legal Representative or REC.

The Guide has been sent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. The OIEC (International Catholic Education Bureau) is translating it into Chinese.

We feel deeply church that evangelizes from the educational centers.

Download the PEG guide in SPANISH,  ENGLISH, or  PORTUGUESE.



四旬期第 3 主日

上帝对子民的爱 上帝对子民的爱 从本主日的第一篇读经开始,我们就进入了教皇的2024 年四旬期文告。 我是耶和华,你们的神,曾将你们从埃及,从为奴之地领出。"这是摩西在西奈山上被授予的"十诫"的开篇(出埃及记 20:2)。...