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By pure grace!

January 27, 2019

Immense joy invades my life, soul and heart, because last January 21, the day of Our Lady of Altagracia, was the entrance to the Congregation and beginning of the Postulancy. This celebration took place in our house in Licey al Medio, Santiago (Dominican Republic).

I feel that the seed that God planted in me has already germinated and its roots go deep into my being, converting it into a firm love, a faithful love.

To feel myself Beloved Daughter is one of the greatest graces received these days. These days that have brought a lot of pain, bewilderment, sadness … because of the unexpected death of my beloved brother; and it is precisely there where the goodness of God has manifested itself, where once again he fixes his gaze on me and says: “I am with you”. And that’s when the pain and anguish give way to that deep love that gives life and meaning to my being and that keeps propelling me to life from Jesus, wanting to exert all my effort so that God’s plan in my life may continue being my foundation, my desire and my whole life.

Today I deeply thank God for showing me his deep, true, faithful love … for giving me his Son, who with his way of being and proceeding conquers me and continues calling me to want to be like Him. Thanks to the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus for being a bridge, a path, sisters … that with their charism and way of life are making my Yes more firm and true.

A phrase shared by one of my companions in this process comes to me: “what is of God remains and if it is from Him, He himself will keep giving you the gift of what you will fall in love with”, and this is true. Today once again I confirm it. I am deeply in love with Jesus and what he is doing in my life. Everything has been given to me by pure grace.

 Santa Maribel Adon (Dianny)