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Calls in apostolic action

January 25, 2022

The General Congregation XVIII (GC XVIII) celebrated in 2019 received requests and suggestions from all the places where we carry out our apostolic service. They reflected the richness of life and the desires of those of us who form the Family of M. Candida to grow in the evangelizing task.

The contributions were the object of reflection of the assembled sisters and they told us:

We see, once again, that life is dynamic and has different faces in distinct realities. We want to continue strengthening the path that together, we, laypeople and Daughters of Jesus, are making to serve more and better. (Calls nº 2)

They considered that there are aspects of our apostolic work that need to be promoted, and highlighted six universal Calls, six aspects of our mission that we have to take care of, in a special way,  in the next six years.

We are almost in the middle of those six years and it can be a good time to remember them and ask ourselves:  How are these Calls influencing our daily work? Are they being criteria to choose how to do things? Are we looking for steps to move forward in each of them? Which Call has mobilized us the most in this time?…