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Walking Together Makes Us Strong – 20 years of FASFI

October 30, 2023

“The ability to dream that people have opens us to the future… it makes us creative.” This is how it began Teresa García Román FI FASFI president, welcomed the participants to the celebration of the Foundation’s 20th anniversary, which was held at the María Virgen School of the Jesuit Educational Foundation of Spain.

Previously, the manager, Pablo Zimmerman n greeted the attendees and expressed his gratitude for sharing this day together.

The words of our Superior General, who was unable to attend, came to us through an affectionate video in which she offered two words: thanks and encouragement.

Thank you for improving the living conditions of the neediest sectors of the world’s population;
for reporting more impoverished realities;
for awakening civic awareness and a sense of international solidarity with groups living in extreme poverty;
for the dedication and gratuity of volunteers, lay people, associates and teachers, professionals… from the present and the past. Because they make possible and have made it possible for our world to be more human and, therefore, more of God.
Thank you because FASFI has been growing over the last 20 years. Many changes have been taking place and the world is different.

He made present those people who are no longer with us and who had a lot to do with FASFI. And he joined the feelings of gratitude to turn them back to God, the source of so much good.

The second word was ENCOURAGE because we lived through war situations from near and far. Courage and hope to continue acting, in the present and for many years to come, as a group of men and women who know everyone as children and, therefore, brothers and sisters.

The ceremony continued with a moment of prayer guided by Jéssica and Marta from the Barcelona delegation, with whom we gathered scraps of solidarity.

Guided by the theater group “Yo contigo” we retraced the history of the Foundation from its roots to its leaves. With an eye to the future, a story challenged us with the question: What can I do?

A round table discussion led by journalist and Daughter of Jesús Silvia Rozas gave voice to people who, by answering this question, had taken the step of becoming volunteers. We listen to Laura Ruiz and Aroa Martínez volunteers in 2023 and 2022 respectively, and Marisa Ayerdi delegate from Navarra. In addition, with the help of Auxilio Vicente (vice-president of FASFI) and Pepita Soler (manager of the Foundation from 2008 to 2014), both Daughters of Jesus, we learned about the origins of the Foundation.

The last moments were dedicated to an emotional remembrance of the people who did so much for FASFI and who are no longer with us. Special mention to Concha Hortal first manager. Different awards were also presented to groups that collaborate with FASFI such as members and volunteers, the schools of the Jesuit Educational Foundation and their teachers. To the management and finally to the Congregation who returned their thanks with words of thanks from Thelma Barbarona General Councilor in charge of Social Action. He reiterated his gratitude to the Foundation for its efforts and commitment to give HOPE and relief to suffering humanity. And to all FASFI’s collaborators:

Thank you for your tireless service and commitment over the years. You have made concrete what the Daughters of Jesus are asked to do in the last Determination we received: to be balm, warmth, kind presence, consolation and encouragement for suffering humanity.

As one more volunteer he is, Manu Escudero closed the celebration with the theme he has composed for these 20 years of FASFI: “May hope be of all colors“.