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Letter number 32 of the Superior General – next meetings

November 6, 2023

On November 5, Graciela sent a letter to the entire Congregation recalling all that had happened during the past three months and announcing the upcoming events.

“There are many situations of discernment that I have addressed with the Council and also with the Provincial Superiors during this time.”

With an eye on the future, he talks about upcoming meetings. The first is already taking place and is the work of the SEA Commission and the General Government.

First of all, I would like to thank each community for the work that has been done on the new version of the Economic Management Statute. I appreciate your dedication and the fact that we realize that this is a way of exercise co-responsibility with the Superior General, who must respond to this Recommendation. Undoubtedly, it has been an opportunity for formation and to become aware that the administrative-economic dimension is part of our life as Daughters of Jesus.

The Commission will meet from November 1 to 10 at the Casa Curia.
We are working closely with them. At the moment they are in the phase of studying all the observations that have arrived, not only from the provinces but also from experts and other Congregations from whom we have asked for their opinion.

The next one is the second meeting of the Mother Candida Family, which will take place this Saturday telematically.

I remind you that on November 11 we have the meeting of the Mother Candida Family. Nadia Coppa, an Italian Sister of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ. It is good to encourage participation, especially among the laity, and to make this distinction: those of us who are called to the Mother Candida Family belong to it. That is to say, we consider that this belonging is the fruit of a call and a sending from the Lord.

I say this to differentiate it from those who are only educators of our works in function of a contract and, possibly, with a clear vocation to form the students integrally, but nothing more.

She also tells us about the meeting of local Superiors.

From November 27-30 we will have a meeting of local superiors, all the superiors of the Congregation. Our objective is to share, above all to have a formation from our Constitutions and from the leadership exercised by Mother Candida, but in the current context of the Congregation. Perhaps the local level of government is the most challenging because it is ultimately the one that is most in touch with life. And this is not easy for us today. It will also be a nice way to express the union between us.

Finally, this month will be the meeting of the UISG – USG.

From November 22-24, we will hold the assembly of Superiors General in Rome for the first stage of the Synod. Prior to this assembly we will have the Meeting with the Delegates of the UISG Constellations on the 20th and 21st.