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Celebrate Christmas without a Nativity scene or be a Nativity scene at Christmas? By Pilar Brufal FI

December 2, 2016

While our Spanish society is involved in discussion, whether or not there should be Nativity scenes in our public schools, whether it is Three Kings or Winter Festivals (where it is winter), ornaments, lights or Santa Claus in our streets.
Meanwhile, believers live immersed in Advent, enthusiastic about the nearness of a God who is coming, who comes to meet us, who calls us to be attentive, vigilant, opening our hearts to his tenderness and mercy.
When we experience in our own person that infinite love of God, that embrace of the Father full of tenderness and mercy who invites us to rise every day, to learn from our mistakes to be creative, to heal, to accompany, to welcome, to support, to love. Only then do we dare to look directly at our neighbor, whoever he may be, and especially the weakest. That look makes us migrate from ourselves and give ourselves entirely, from love, service and justice. That experience of God in our life can not be silenced; on the contrary it throws us into life impelled to be bearers of compassion, of welcome to the suffering of whoever comes to encounter me, of tenderness and solidarity.
Our Nativity scene, our child Jesus, our Magi, are each one of us, bearers of God in our hands, words, looks, steps, for others.
Then others will recognize Him, discover Him and take pleasure in Him in our own life.
While those who have not yet understood discuss in superficiality, we who have been touched by the tenderness of God Incarnate are called to be Advent, manger, Christmas for others, every day of our lives.

Por Pilar Brufal fi