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December 9, 2016

At that time … 145 years ago, on the eve of the founding of the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus, Father Herranz, with Mother Candida and first companions, said:
“The foundation of a building is about to be laid, a building whose conception is not human, but is due to divine inspiration, and whose execution will be at the cost of immense sacrifices, for the greater glory of God and spiritual good of souls.”
Today … after 145 years, in the audacity of following Jesus, we gather as a family to celebrate these “foundations” that we inherited from our dear St. Candida, which we carry as in “earthen vessels”, not without immense sacrifices and much work, for the greater glory of God and good of our neighbors.
At that time … continued Father Herranz, in his speech at the foundation:
“Here you have these five servants of God, who, protected by Jesus Christ and whose name they wish to carry, for they will be called Daughters of Jesus, and under his protection and that of Mary Immaculate, come to cultivate the gardens of childhood and feminine youth, by means of piety and letters.”
Today … updating in time and in history that feat of the Spirit, here we are, celebrating in family, uniting ourselves, not only with the first five, but with all the Daughters of Jesus of the whole world, in the most different contexts of life and mission, comforted by the protection and guidance of the Immaculate Mother, our guiding star, despite and from our strengths and fragilities, because in this way we understand that GOD WILLS IT.
At that time, Father Herranz emphasized in his address:
“They come alone, bereft of human resources, relying solely on the one who can do everything, because He and He alone was the one who has inspired…”
Today … here we are, remembering these 145 years of life and apostolate, for He continues to call us “to express with our lives that fecundity and enthusiasm are characteristic of consecrated women, in any situation, age and task to which we dedicate ourselves”, transforming the difficulties of our time into opportunities for growth and filial confidence in the fatherhood and mercy of God who does not abandon his children, and thus continue with passion and joy, giving life.
“He who called us is faithful …” and if He gave us the DESIRE of following his son, he will also give us the POWER and GRACE of fidelity in our time and in our history.
That is why we celebrate with family, strengthening in us the bonds of Faith and complicity, wishing to be more and more like Jesus, as a daughter resembles her father.
We pray in the words of St. Candida to our Mother and Patroness, at her solemn feast:
“May the Immaculate Virgin shelter us beneath her maternal mantle and communicate her virtues with which we can be TRUE DAUGHTERS OF JESUS, working hard for his glory and the good of souls, winning them all to God with our examples and teachings”.
Hail, Immaculate! Blessed be God who loves us so!