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Christmas Greeting of the Superior General

December 20, 2018

Preparing the Christmas festivities, Maria Inez Furtado, FI, Superior General of the Daughters of Jesus, addressed all the Daughters of Jesus and lay members of the Mother Candida Family. In it, she invites us “to live this Christmas from the mystery of a displaced and migrant God, an incarnated God, a vulnerable God, welcomed and protected by the arms and hearts of Joseph and Mary.”

In the face of the different difficulties of our particular missions, our work or our being in the world, there are also some temptations: flight, hiding, apathy. And before this, Maria Inez asks us to ask ourselves:

  •     Where and in what aspects do we need to move?
  •     What comfort zones should we move away from and leave?
  •     What does God want from us here and now?

Let us pray for each other so that this Christmas God, who is always new, may encourage us to begin again and again, to move beyond what is familiar, to wherever human beings continue to seek the answer to the question regarding the meaning of life, without forgetting that we Christians are called to be the merciful hands of the Father wherever we may be.

The COMPLETE LETTER COMPLETE LETTER from María Inez, in the link