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January 16, 2017

This afternoon, the Superior General, Maria Inez Furtado, accompanied by her consultor Clara Echarte, closed the Renewal Course in Cochabamba. From there, the communication team sends this chronicle.
Our Superior General addressed us at the closing ceremony of the renewal course in which she reiterated to us that we were “chosen by the Lord through the Congregation to live this time of grace whose aim is for the Congregation to remain in its well-being, in its original strength, that its spiritual patrimony may not be diminished.
We do not go back as we came. From the experience we can repeat as Mother Candida did many times: Our God has been great with us and we also want to have a big and generous heart for Him!
We are sent … ‘to go’
I send you to the daily life that is the place of encounter with the triune God, source of all goodness, virtue and vocation; Trinity, whose communion is also the goal of the evangelizing mission of the Church.
Go all over the world … Go with everyone … Go without fear and with unlimited availability that is our own … Go … so that many may be visited by faith, hope and love. … so that our neighbors may have more life and find the GOOD that gives us all LIFE in fullness: the love of Jesus Christ experienced and shared.
Go … and renew each day your confidence in the action of the Holy Spirit, certain that He acts in us; He is within us; He gives us apostolic fervor, gives us peace, gives us joy. Let us be guided by Him. Let us be women of prayer, who courageously bear witness to the Gospel, being instruments of unity and communion with God in our world, resembling more closely our Lord Jesus Christ.
We have a body and we are that body, we are sisters who depend on this fraternity for one another, that it is not possible to live our vocation if we do not love one another, that this is our great wealth to belong to this body because it was Jesus’ option, our light, our wealth for us. He is the one who has chosen us, called us and told us that here in this Congregation is our place, which is why we love her so much. This body is our inheritance and its good depends on each of you, for that we are sent …”

Our gratitude to Dayse, for her generous dedication and commitment to the group, because she has been able to accompany us with depth and freedom. We thank Graciela, the sisters of the provincial house and the different communities in Bolivia for their welcome, sharing in many moments, their availability and attitude of service.
In the same way, we thank our communities of origin that during all this time have been deprived of our daily collaboration and whom we have kept in mind.
The presence of Mª Inez and Clara and our time with them in these last days of the course has been a gift, especially in the deepening and study of our Constitutions.
Thanks to each one of the companions who have been part of this course, for their openness, respect, union of hearts, willingness to build a community of true fraternal charity.

Communication Team of the Renewal Course