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Congress and National Marian Year

May 12, 2020


We want to share the experiences held as a community through the participation by social networks of some celebrations held in Catamarca for the National Marian Year.

The Argentine Bishops called a National Marian Year and a Congress to be held in Catamarca (Argentina) in honor of the Virgen del Valle in its 400 years of presence from December 8, 2019 to April 8, 2020. This Jubilee year in the words of the Bishop of Catamarca, Mons Urbanc, “is an opportunity to thank God for the 400 years of uninterrupted and fruitful presence of the sacred image of the pure and Clean Conception whom we tenderly call, Virgen del Valle. A hardened and afflicted face of the natives themselves whom the Father came to console and hope. ”Give thanks for this great gift to those who so lovingly cared for, watched over, comforted and encouraged all their ancestors, taking care of their history, even reach a present that captivates by the tender validity of her maternal love”.

Celebration carried out unexpectedly in quarantine time by the coronavirus pandemic.

In this Quarantine situation, due to the pandemic that affects humanity, from this circumstance. In the Homily for the Mass presided over on Saturday, April 25 by Bishop Mons Urbanc in memory of the Virgin of Valle, he stated: “I have the impression that this world crisis that humanity is going through will bring about a new world order, not as we were imagining it and that it will become visible in all areas of social life and we can say to ourselves: “The past has already happened because our Tata God is making hearts new: fraternal solidarity, compassionate…. sensitive and believers ”VIRGIN DEL Valle: Grant us the grace to be patient in the midst of difficulties, joyful and hopeful in the hours of tribulation and darkness, grateful in triumphs and in overcoming problems and persevering in prayer and daily tasks.

For our community it was a gift, a gift of the Spirit to be able to accompany some of the celebrations through social networks: The Saturday 25 Mass, where we feel the presence of Mary in the faith of all the people and in each one of us who from our Project of life and adherence to this event we wanted to live with renewed enthusiasm the devotion to our Mother Mary Immaculate. Star of our ways.

We also participated in the Mass on Sunday the 26th presided over by the Bishop and several priests ”.

On Sunday afternoon the 26th we accompanied the procession as a community, in a climate of prayer from our oratory.

The solemn procession in honor of our Mother of the Valley, was always a great reason for meeting and celebrating for her children. This year, the slogan of taking care of ourselves and taking care of the brothers is essential. Catamarca has not had contagions, and must continue to do so, for the protection of the Virgin and the mutual care between those who inhabit this blessed soil. So the best tribute we can offer the Virgin is to stay at home, to pray, sing, ask and thank the Virgin and her Son.

At the evening of April 26, the doors of the cathedral were opened, to start the historical procession of the Virgen del Valle, without the presence of the faithful but with a massive virtual presence of the devotees of the Mother Morena. The ringing of the cathedral bells accompanied the pilgrimage of the image. The streets were deserted. Some neighbors leaned into their portals to greet the Mother and pay tribute to her.

The Virgin is taken in turns with people from the security of Catamarca. The bishop and a small group of priests who accompanied, the silence and the presence of all who felt. The prayer of the Rosary with the glorious mysteries. The first and fifth prayed by children. All with different intentions, with testimonies of the presence and help of the Virgin in certain situations of some people in the town.

During the animation and with the motto: “With Mary, servants of hope,” the guides motivated their prayer by praying in a special way for the sick, elderly and deprived of liberty. They prayed for the end of the pandemic, for the fruits of the Marian Year, for those who have the responsibility to make decisions in the Church and in the homeland. So that the vision of faith of the events is not lacking so that we are helpful to all our brothers.

Sacred silence, deep and great emotion when contemplating the Virgin Morena accompanying the pain of the people and of humanity and spilling blessings on the city, on the country and on the world.

At the conclusion of the Rosary, the bishop invited us to commit ourselves to continue deepening the mystery of Mary throughout the coming months until the close of the Marian Year on December 8 and to join us in the prayer of the National Marian Year.

The Marian Congress could not be held as planned but we could see how through the different media many people were able to participate and experience the celebration from our homes.


Community Madre Cándida
La Plata – Argentina


Translation of the prayer to Mary

Mary, Mother of the People, our hope,
beautiful Virgin of the Valley,
help us to renew our faith and our Christian joy.
You who sheltered the Son of God made flesh,
teach us to make the Gospel come alive,
to transform the history of our Homeland.
You who gave us the example of your home in Nazareth,
make that in our families we receive
and take care of life and cultivate harmony and love.
You who at the foot of the cross stood firm,
and lived the joyful consolation of the resurrection,
teach us to be strong in difficulties
and to walk as if resurrected.
You who are a sign of a new humanity,
urge us to be promoters of social friendship
and to be close to the weak and needy.
You who proclaimed the wonders of the Lord,
get us a new missionary ardor
to bring the Good News to all.
Encourage us to go out without delay
to meet the brothers,
to announce the love of God
reflected in the total dedication of Jesus Christ.
Precious mother, receive all the affection of this Argentine people
who have always experienced your loving presence
and your valuable intercession.
Thank you mother.