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Counting the days till the Provincial Congregation in Índico Pacífico!

November 9, 2018

NEWS from Japan

By Sr. Marianita Teñoso, F.I.

Hurrah! This is how each of the 10 sisters who formed the working group felt after finishing the final draft of the postulates to be sent to the Provincial Congregation. Happy and grateful, they signed the postulates and celebrated it with all the sisters of the Region during Vespers of October 30, 2018, in Hayama.

The chapel was decorated in a simple but suitable way for the celebration. On the left side of the altar were the photo of M. Candida, two lit candles, flowers and a small photo of the Rosarillo. Above it hung a red silk cloth embroidered with the design of the Holy Spirit and His seven gifts. The Japanese sisters who prepared the liturgy read the experience of M. Candida at the Rosarillo, from the Japanese translation of the book “Juanitatxo”. After reading the word of God (Jn 17, 13-23), Sr. Flor offered the postulates and placed them on the altar.

Looking back at the process over the past 4 months, the sisters were filled with admiration and gratitude for all the inspirations and orientations received from the Holy Spirit as they incessantly asked the two questions: To what are you calling us now, Lord? What do you want us to do? They strongly felt His presence sustaining them with the grace of perseverance to study, reflect, pray and travel to Hayama for the periodic sharing of the groups. The work was not easy because all the documents received from Rome had to be translated first in Japanese. While it was shared, three languages – Japanese, Spanish and English – were used at the same time. There were five meetings for which the Sisters from Joso and Tokyo traveled more than 200 kilometers by car each time. In the deliberations of the group there was spontaneity, honesty, inner freedom and humility. Above all, in all of them they maintained an attentive listening to the insinuations of the Spirit speaking through the others.

It has truly been a beautiful experience of community discernment. Undoubtedly, a moment of “grace and renewal” for all. Now, with the postulates made and sent, we continue to place our total trust in the work of the Spirit. We are all happy “counting the days” till December, when six sisters from the Region will join the rest in the Philippines for the PC.