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Letting oneself be made by the Spirit

April 20, 2023

On March 31, the Last Probation group from Rome completed the month-long experience of spiritual exercises. It has been a time to let God work in each one of us, to deepen our personal relationship with Him, and to let the Spirit work in us. They have been accompanied by Raquel Amigot FI our instructor, and with the collaboration of Magda Zhang FI for the Chinese translation for the Asian sisters.

The closing Eucharist was celebrated on the afternoon of that same Friday, presided over by Jesus Zaglul sj. (Chumi), a good friend of the Daughters of Jesus. It was a nice moment to give thanks for so much good received in a simple and familiar way, together with the community of the Curia and other sisters, among them those who are joining the UP group in this second stage of formation.

You know that although the Lord has been great with us, there are not many words to describe the grace of having been able to live this experience. Even so, we did not want to pass up the opportunity to thank so many people who, from many places, have been praying for us; you have really been a great help.

We continue to entrust ourselves for this new time that is being given to us. May it help us to grow as true Daughters of Jesus, becoming more and more like Him and serving others with our lives.

Sisters of the Last Probation