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Echoes from Rome (II) of the meeting about our Constitutions: Blanca Esther Iriarte, fi

December 22, 2017

These are the answers of Blanca Esther Iriarte, fi

We all know that it is difficult to convey with words what is an interior experience, that is why I am going to share some fragments, knowing that the experience is more than all that.

The word that encompasses what has been lived is ThanksFirst of all to God, for allowing me once more to see how he is present in my life and how he accepts me as I am with a Father’s Love.

I was surprised by the way of presenting and beginning the rereading – deepening – of the CFI. Starting from the formula we went to part VII, IX and X. Maria Inez insisted again and again that the way to read our CFI is from the key of body and mission. After placing ourselves vitally, internally there, decentering ourselves, from the individualism that in many moments ruins our lives, we went through the different stages of the person before being incororated fully into the congregation.

Thanks for perceiving more clearly that the CFI is a guide in our life and that as we live it out, it stretches the heart and freshens up life, allowing us to get to the root.

Our way of proceeding –which, we often repeat, is not to reproduce “ways of doing”- is to give an account of and reason for what one has experienced, and what God’s will is in that experience.

Thanks for feeling encouraged to take care of my vocation, to take care of my relationship with God, seeking the means that will help me the most.

What echoes in me: “to preserve and develop the congregation in its well-being”.

Thanks for experiencing myself sent once more to be help, to be an instrument of God in the different tasks and services.

Thanks for the group of sisters from the 5 provinces of the Congregation, making visible the universalism of the Congregation, and helping one to understand better how the charism is incarnated in different places and to see that what is at the root unites us.

May I, like those of Emmaus, leave “running” to communicate what I have seen and heard.