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Echoes from Rome (III) of the meeting about our Constitutions: Mª Carmen Jiménez, FI

December 22, 2017

1. My experience of this meeting has been …

My experience and that of the other Daughters of Jesus who have participated as sisters, has been like the Spiritual Exercises, because everything has contributed to the “encounter of God with his creature”. And when I say “everything has contributed” I mean … – Our Constitutions of the Daughters of Jesus as “light and guide” of this experience and for life; from a sapiential reading of them, together with the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus and other documents of ours.

Ma. Inez’ dedication to the Lord in order to be his instrument, with her charity, preparation and passion; and Clara’s simple and silent collaboration. – The “congregation” of sisters of all the provinces, with each one disposing herself and allowing herself to become responsible and trusting. – The sisters of the General government, the Generalate and the Last Probation, with their being there, praying, celebrating the Eucharist, sharing in meals in “spiritual conversation” on many occasions with much joy and laughter.

2. The work consisted of …

The “work” we have done in these eight days has consisted precisely of what was expressed by the card that each one of us received at the beginning and that we have been able to “recognize internally” only “afterwards”, giving thanks for so much good received. The work has consisted definitively in letting the Spirit become a profound experience of “what is ours”.

3. For me, the encounter with sisters from all countries has meant …

This encounter of sisters has been a Gift of God for me, an experience of universal Congregation, Union of hearts, witness that “we are to go” and a fraternity that is Body for the mission.


 Let us allow our CFI to be our own book for the Spiritual Exercises (and let us open ourselves to the process we need for it) so that we may grow as a Body in mission.