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Echoes of the Provincial Congregation of Spain-Italy

January 10, 2019

The other day, January 3, we finished our Provincial Congregation. It has been a few days of hard work in which we have felt very intensely the desire to return to our charismatic roots to respond to the great challenges of our world.

We knew that we were really accompanied by the whole Province: sisters, workers, lay people, companions and friends, all of you who have sent us your prayers and affection.

Technology, through the Networks, and other elements have allowed us to live this event very much attuned to one another and we want to thank so much hidden work that has made this result possible. From the other side came and went the news in a family atmosphere, not without serious professionalism, which has made the task much easier.

This is how Mª Carmen Martín, our Provincial Superior, has concluded:

“Our hope is that God does not leave us. May we live in communion, in fraternity; may the desire continue and expand more and more each day; and, with gratitude to all of you, I hereby bring this Provincial Congregation to a close. “

Now we begin the direct path to the General Congregation of Rome. We continue to accompany one another in this important process that seeks to ensure that the entire Congregation remains in its well being, according to the Institute, while at the same time accommodating itself to what the various circumstances of times and places ask for.

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