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Elections office and teams

April 23, 2019

On April 23, Tuesday, after the Eucharist, the Congregation began with the contemplation of the icon of the Samaritan woman with Jesus in the well. The woman approaches the well with her life, and with a pitcher, and she encounters Jesus. He, tired and thirsty, says: “give me water to drink” …

 This is what the Lord asks, and what He asks us to say, personally and as a body.

After sharing the resonances in their prayer, the session for the election of persons for the different offices began. The result are as follows:


Secretary: Maria Rosa Espinosa
Vice Secretaries: Maria Teresa Pinto and Julia Martin


Canvassers: Maria del Mar Dominguez and Magdalena Zhang



Moderators: Mª Carmen Martín, Raquel Amigot and Melba del Pilar Neris



Information Team: Beatriz Neff, Leoly Quitorio, Sonia María Soares y Sofía Chang



Commission for the Report of the  State of the Congregation: this commission is made up of the Superior General and her council and three sisters: Dayse Agretti, Sofia Chang and Mª Carmen Martín.



In the afternoon, the Official Preparatory Commission presented the material raised to the GCXVIII for reading and reflection, which constitutes the base material on which we will have to walk and discern.


At the end of the day,  we ended by thanking the Lord for his resurrected presence among us and the grace of having been called to the GC. He calls us to take this congregational moment into our hands and take charge of our own body to better serve others.