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International Meeting of Educators

November 23, 2023

The International Meeting of Educators will take place on April 26 and 27, 2024 . This event was created to strengthen our global connection under the inspiring legacy of Mother Candida.

These three-hour online days, from 12 noon to 3 p.m. (Rome time), stand as a beacon of inspiration and a space where our experiences intertwine in pursuit of a common purpose: education with the heart of Mother Candida.

Although there are still a few months to go, we want to share this news well in advance, recognizing the meticulousness of school planning. The notice for registration will arrive in early March.

The meeting is not just an invitation; it is a call to action for all educators committed to the Ideology of the Daughters of Jesus. Being part of this event means weaving together in the fabric of the Proper Way to Educate, exploring the riches of the Global Education Pact (GEP) and discovering how to our schools can be agents of change in a world that needs us.

The thousand places available represent not just a number, but a thousand opportunities to share, learn and grow. We want every educator, from every corner of the world, to feel that this space is their global educational home.

In this journey, we ask you to reflect on who, in your educational community, can join this experience in order to make it compatible with the care of students in the centers.

It will be a space for training and sharing good practices and motivating dreams. Anyone who wishes to do so can share their testimony as a teacher, that of their students or that of their parents. The testimony will be sent in video format (more information here).

The International Educators’ Meeting will be a chapter in the history of our global educational community. A chapter written with the ink of our shared experiences, and an unwavering commitment to education that transforms lives.

We prepare to meet in this digital corner.