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International Meeting of Local Superiors

December 4, 2023

If we were to ask Mary of Nazareth what the Incarnation was like, perhaps she would tell us that it was an experience quite similar to the one lived by the Government of the Congregation from November 27 to 30, 2023. And so it was, because in these four days we have The Holy Spirit is at work in each one of us and in the entire body of the Congregation.

With the help of Mari Carmen Martín FI, our gaze, and above all our heart, vibrated and focused on the sources, in order to to contemplate in the life of Mother CandidaThe way of acting of a woman who moved in the key of discernment, seeking in the events and challenges of reality, to speak of God, in order to respond to his calls. A woman who developed her leadership based on full trust in her Creator, always remaining in an attitude of listening to the will of the Father, incarnated in people, times and places.

The Spirit also wanted to speak to us from the reflection of “others”. Nurya Martínez Gayol, ACI spoke to us about the Dimensions of care, accompaniment, discernment. Authority to animate life. From his words, we realized the need to give new meaning to the word “care” and to adapt it to the new paradigm that reality and religious life is demanding of us, in order to change everything that destroys the person. Nurya led us to look at Christ, to remember, once again, that the greatness of the Son is precisely in His becoming small. In harmony with the Church, an invitation to live discernment in the key of Synodality, of listening.

In this environment we dedicated a day to search, jointly by groups of provinces, for the Orientations for the office of local superior, with the reference of the IFC and DNC.

On the last day we began to dream about the next General Congregation, listening to our concerns and calls.

We ended the meeting with several evidences, which are already a reality in the Congregation, of what we had heard in these days. The testimony of several sisters from different international realities, such as Cuba, the foundation on the island of Flores (Indonesia), the foundation of the international juniorate in Grenada, Mozambique and Venezuela, confirmed to us how it is possible and very real in the Congregation, the experiencing wealth in the midst of povertystrength in the midst of weakness and care in the midst of threatened life.

Like Mary, the entire Congregation, we can continue to say: “BE IT DONE!” because there is a past that founds us, a present that calls us and a future that awaits us.

Thanks to the General Government for this convocation so full of hope and the Spirit of the Lord.