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Experience of Grace in the Last Probation

December 16, 2017

“You can not imagine how happy we are” …

The experience of the Last Probation has been underway for a month now, and it is a true interior and exterior pilgrimage. We are 14 junior sisters from Argentina, Brazil, China, Cuba, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic and Taiwan, together with our instructress Graciela Francovig and Inés Ma who collaborates with the translation.

It all started in San Sebastian on November 7 with the opening words of Clara Echarte, general consultor in charge of formation, and in the afternoon we had the opening Eucharist. Those were some very intense days of encounter with life, of feeling that we were at home. This process of knowing the places of Mother Foundress and also knowing the sisters of the different communities of Spain, enriched us mutually. Everyone welcomed us with a lot of affection and patience; and they explained to us each place where Mother Candida was with passion and joy. We are very grateful for the attention they showered on us. All that made us feel that they live the spirit of Mother Candida and that is how they transmitted it to us.

These experiences have touched us very deeply and like Mary, we keep everything in our hearts.

The route helped us to learn more about the life of Mother Candida. In each place we had different experiences: we saw her poverty, self-denial, humility, joy, gratitude, trust in God and openness to his will; and experiencing all this has influenced us deeply. Although the route, as far as going through the Foundress’ places, has already finished, her spirit remains in our hearts and life. Her words resound in our ears and her image remains before our eyes. It was thus, in her company, that we proceeded and arrived in Rome.

Life in Rome is very rich. We live with the sisters of the generalate, although we have our own spaces, moments of fraternal sharing, cleaning, study, prayer, Eucharist, etc. We laugh a lot, with the small things of everyday happenings. Great joy and spontaneity mark our relationship with one another.

Thanks to the Congregation, who invited Carmen Simón to help us deepen Mother Candida’s letters, and also Anna Cinco, who encouraged us to discover God’s passage through the history of the Institute through a visit to the archives of the Congregation, which increased our enthusiasm and also awakens our desire to get more fully acquainted with our treasures, in order to live as true Daughters of Jesus.

It is a moment of grace. Time for the school of the heart that asks of us openness, transparency, and disposing ourselves for the action of God in us.


It is a key moment in our lives, that is why we ask you to continue praying for us.


We thank the company and animation of Graciela and Inés Ma in this stage of our formation.


“Blessed be God who loves us so much.” MC