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Faced with the Reality of our Countries

January 29, 2019


The complex sociopolitical reality of the country, the post-conflict time around past peace talks with the FARC [the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia] in an  apparently fragile moment, leaves the country submerged to some extent in a confused stage and struggle of forces …

We feel with pain the events that occurred in the middle of this month of January in Bogotá, against the Police School, in which so many young people sadly lost their lives; and a significant group of people were also injured, because the old violence stunned them with events that seemed to have ended previously in the country.

Now it is the guerrillas of the ELN [National Liberation Army], who claimed responsibility for the attack, who want to pressure the government for dialogues like the previous ones with the FARC. The Colombian people want peace, we long for it from our hearts and we can not go back to those times of so many attacks and indiscriminate violence … We continue to long for this gift that also comes from God, wishing to be builders of it, from the different corners and spaces where we are. We ask the God of Peace to give us strength and grace so that we may stop this killing among brothers and fellow citizens …


Last January 23rd, the day of citizenship in all the municipalities and States of the country, was a historic day in the life of Venezuela. Without a doubt, we will have followed the course of events in the news … in all these days.

Our Sr. Matilde Polanco communicated through WhatsApp:

“The 23rd has been an immense demonstration that the Venezuelan people want justice and freedom without violence … The streets were filled with a “brave and strong people” that took away the strong dictatorship with peace. These days will be difficult because we have a Dictator and a Constitutional President. We expect repression and aggressions against civilians and those who face this yearning for democracy and life. We are very united! And so we continue in our daily prayer.