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Family feast in the Curia

December 14, 2020

For days we have been preparing the house – exterior and interior – with the necessary and creative decorations to live these days in a very special way: colors, phrases, dates, images of Mary, messages from our Foundress … even time matches its rhythm and It reminds us that we were born in the Salamanca winter.

And this house collects the hunch of the entire Congregation. We are like a radar that is recording the events of the Body: happy or sad news, of sisters, families, places, events. Days to especially thank living here.

On December 8, in all the places where we are, it has that flavor of a broad family, extended by many countries and yet in each one we experience that the phrase of our founder comes true: “The longer the distance that separates us, the greater is the union of hearts ”.

But this year there is a very unique detail: we open a jubilee year in preparation for the 150 years that will culminate on December 8, 2021. We are already “jubilant” and, with our hearts in celebration, we have been preparing and on the 7th we had our time of prayer made way. First we find ourselves in the large dining room in front of the painting of Santa Cándida, looking at her and letting ourselves look at her and looking at each other to re-know the gifts and possibilities of each one; then, stopping before the map of our presences, letting ourselves be affected by such diverse places and circumstances, to end in the exhibition room where we share our experiences from the homily of Fr. Herranz, sj at the time of foundation.

And we end with the inevitable “Miil albricias” (“A thousand joys”) united from the heart to the whole family.

In the afternoon, Anna Maria Martin fi was present, on behalf of Regina Pacis’s sisters, with flowers and sweetness, a detail that we are grateful for because we are sorry that we cannot meet.

At night we live the emotion of the Vigil, following each step with bated breath, praying in the communion that the digital world allows us, – and that never ceases to amaze us! -, breathing a world air of closeness in the distance; a paradox that brings us back to reality and makes us vibrate “as if we were present” in the chapel of CM Berrospe.

On the 8th we had the Eucharist at 10 in the morning. We were accompanied by Cipri Diaz-Marzos, sj, who is now in the general curia as assistant for Southern EuropeHis closeness and wise words helped us a lot. He had followed the vigil with great devotion and from there he shared with us.

He commented on the readings and when speaking of “three women” he placed us in this time of Covid: “It is to believe in the strength of convictions and in the power of love; that what is essential is enough to fix the world… remember your origins so many years later to continue to make future generations fall in love with the evangelical witness ”.

And he continued before finishing: “You are invited to dream big: ‘With God I can do everything’; 150 years in the making: daughters of Advent ”.

The meal was also festive, receiving greetings from here and there, giving our sister Graciela a flower very much to her liking; And, in the afternoon, we moved to CM Montellano for the Eucharist as alive and full of force as the place evoked, the people, Mr. Archbishop with his evocative word of Santa Cándida that he founded in that same city, encouraged us to to follow with more determination the founding charism in the face of the disproportion that she experienced by placing her trust in God.

The celebration ended, but we stayed for a long time in the community room, we could not separate ourselves, but we did appreciate the many gifts received thanks to the immense work of so many people who have made it possible. We ended the day renewing our vows, following this devotional practice of our Congregation and with a very grateful heart.

Community of the General Curia – Rome