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FASFI: “One is constantly volunteering”

November 8, 2016

“I want to make progress.” This is the motto for welcoming the FASFI volunteers when they return from an assignment. Last Saturday Inter hosted the meeting with Enrique, Ana, Pilar, Marta C, Gloria and Marta. A representation of the group that lived in Bolivia and in the Dominican Republic from July until last week. To share this experience is to rend the heart to let out feelings, surprises, desires for more, of surrender, LIFE. Both Enrique (San Sebastián) and Ana (Lleida) told us about their experience in Buen Retiro and Cochabamba, a privilege that became a call and confirmation: education is the basis of all development. On their part, the other group explained their experience in Elias Piña, a project of the Daughters of Jesus in the Dominican Republic. “The return costs a lot. You question your life”, because “one is constantly volunteering, simply changing places.”
With their hearts on the other side of the Atlantic, the meeting was attended by the Daughters of Jesus who accompany them and the Sisters of the International Juniorate of Madrid. The debate focused on “what to do from now on” so that we become, not consumers of experiences, but rather, committed people.