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Happy Birthday, Graciela!

July 31, 2023

“The longer the distance that separates us, the greater the union of hearts”, this quote from our forever remembered Mother Founder becomes a reality, dear Graciela, on this 1st of August 2023.

For many of us today you are far away, but for the sisters of the Philippines it is a beautiful occasion to celebrate you in person and directly with them, and in their embraces, all the scattered Daughters of Jesus around the world are present.

However, those from near and far, we unite in a common point: thanksgiving to the Lord for your life, for your gifts, for your person placed at the service of the entire Congregation.

And it is not by chance that you are traveling, that you celebrate your birthday on a journey because we always ” are meant to go…”.

And together with gratitude to the Lord our petition: may He continue to sustain you in your mission, with joy, with his light and strength to give at every moment and in every place.The word of the Spirit, that which gives us life and abundant life and of which you are a good transmitter.

We remember, of course, your parents, siblings and nieces and nephews, all the family that today is especially present in your heart. And how well they hold you with the strength of their affection.

We make present your Argentinean roots, that place that welcomed you when you arrived in this world, that gives you an identity configured as a consecrated woman, as a Daughter of Jesus, born there to be sent to the wide world.

On this new anniversary of life, a precious gift that is given to you for another year, we wish you to feel us by your side, raising a toast with much affection, celebrating together in our big family.

Receive a warm embrace from each of your sisters.

Congratulations, dear Graciela! Thank you so much for your dedicated life!