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Golden Jubilee Celebration: CONGRATULATIONS!

December 8, 2016

A total of nine Daughters of Jesus celebrate today their 50 years of consecration to the Lord in our Congregation. In particular five Sisters are from the Philippines, two from Spain, one from Bolivia and one from Taiwan. We are all united in thanksgivng for their lives.
• Teodora Antonio David – Philippines
• María Luisa Berzosa González – Spain
• Lina Cornelio Villa – Philippines
• María Victoria Eceizabarrena Segurola – Taiwan
• Marina Consuelo Jimeno Merino – Bolivia
• Florencia Lapitán Hernando – Philippines
• María Lourdes Lete Lascurain – Spain
• Lourdes Marzoña Martínez – Philippines
• Victoria Ruy Parama – Philippines

Read here some words from Lourdes Lete and others from Mª Luisa Berzosa