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Greetings from the General Government

December 26, 2016

Christmas time. Time for greetings. Time for gatherings. The General Government of the Daughters of Jesus greets the whole Congregation for Christmas and does so by relating the birth of the Lord and everyday life.
Dear Sisters,
At this time in which we are seeking to strengthen our LOCAL LEVEL, we have felt it appropriate to recall the close relationship between the BIRTH OF THE LORD and our everyday life.
For this we will help ourselves with some reflections of José Antonio Pagola in his book: Announcing God today as good news.
– K. Rahner has emphasized like no other how one’s daily life is the place to experience God. It is in the hidden things of his daily life where the human being accepts or rejects himself as “sustained by God” and where he exposes himself to God’s ineffable Mystery or shuts himself in his own finitude; simply because it is in the hiddenness of that everyday life where God comes to us.
– We accept or reject God when throughout our daily lives we accept or reject the mystery that each one of us is, as “beings consigned to the mystery of fullness.” Whoever welcomes his own “being human” with respect, patience, love and unlimited trust is welcoming the Mystery from which we are being received and which constitutes us.

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