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Happy Feast Day of the Holy Name of Jesus!

January 3, 2021

To celebrate the name of Jesus in the context of the Incarnation is an opportunity to remember and be grateful for our belonging to Him. He is the reason for our existence and our vocation, for whom we leave everything: father, mother, brothers and sisters, a family that we would have formed, profession, in many cases one’s country, one’s own culture. “Just to follow him” and to announce him, in many ways, but the most important is the testimony of our own life. To be like Jesus, to have his feelings, his lifestyle, his criteria, to have his own preferences, to have his Father and Mother. 

I wanted to put this image of the setting of our prayer at the end of the year. The Hijas de Jesus scattered throughout the world and the entire Mother Candida Family have been there. For you we prayed, we thanked and with you we unite ourselves. The light of this six-year term is on that path, which is the Determination that the 18th GC left us, together with the three steps of deepening carried out up to this moment: in the light of the Constitutions, the Word and Laudato Sí. It was a path of deepening that was traversed by the COVID-19 19 pandemic and that offered us a new perspective.

On that path of deepening, the jubilee of the 150 years of Foundation of the Congregation burst forth, a year of grace. I invite you to review and internalize together the words that Pope Francis has addressed to the Hijas de Jesus. A whole program! The Pope tells us two or three times, “do not be afraid …”. And these are times when we can experience it. Let us not be afraid because we are together on this path, because Jesus, our “Father of immense goodness”, accompanies us.

 Happy Feast day of the Name of Jesus!

Graciela Francovig, Superiora General ( extract from Circular Letter 14)