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Happy Immaculate Day!

December 7, 2022

Happy Immaculate Day!

Today we are united as Hijas de Jesús and lay people by this feast of Mary, in which we commemorate the birth of our Congregation. Just a year ago we celebrated with great joy the closing of the 150th anniversary. We are still savoring as much as the experience of that jubilee year has left us.

Looking at Mary in her Immaculate Conception places us in front of the disciple and missionary woman, who along with others waited and believed in the promise, lived faith and hope in times of uncertainty and did not let fear, doubt or suspicion before the Father’s plan.

Looking at the Congregation that today celebrates 151 years walking in the history of the Church and of humanity leads us to a position of gratitude towards M. Cándida and her first companions. It also leads us to look with gratitude at each one of the Hijas de Jesús today, in that daily commitment to our vocation where we have been sent: in that confident yes in our infirmaries and in formation houses, in our schools and in those difficult frontiers that we continue to support today, in the yes accompanying young people and listening to so many women who seek to be recognized in their dignity, or forming, being educators and carrying Jesus, in the attempt to awaken him within people.

Hijas de Jesús looking at Mary, the star of our ways, learn humility, hope, trusting faith in the promise. Her position in her life invites us to be women on the way out, with a universal gaze and heart, bold in giving herself like her.

Graciela Francovig, Superiora general