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Ignatian women

March 31, 2023

On March 30, the book “Ignatian Women. Essential Writings” was presented in Madrid on March 30. Among these women, 20 in total appear in the book, is St. Candida Maria de Jesus. The Daughters of Jesus of Spain tell us about it on their website:

“Yesterday, the Religious of Mary Immaculate opened the doors of their residence on Fuencarral Street in Madrid and organized the presentation of the same. The event served as a meeting point for religious and lay women and men from different charisms but with a common focus: Ignatian spirituality”. Read more on their page.

On May 4, it will be presented in Salamanca, in our Colegio Mayor Montellano.


四旬期第 3 主日

上帝对子民的爱 上帝对子民的爱 从本主日的第一篇读经开始,我们就进入了教皇的2024 年四旬期文告。 我是耶和华,你们的神,曾将你们从埃及,从为奴之地领出。"这是摩西在西奈山上被授予的"十诫"的开篇(出埃及记 20:2)。...