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II Mother Candida Family Meeting

November 11, 2023

“Renewing ourselves together” is one of the current challenges for our institutes.

Laity and Daughters of Jesus from sixteen countries of the world. 275 connections, 350 registrations and many more people connected, because there were entire communities sharing a computer. Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Spain, Italy, Mozambique, Philippines, Bangladesh, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia…. The world is too small for my desires!

Sonia Regina after welcoming us, reminded us of our objective: We wish that this moment will help us to continue reflecting on the horizon of search that we are discovering and doing driven by the Spirit.

Prayer helped us to connect inwardly with the God in whom we believe. A God who is always provoking something new, who encourages us to reinvent ourselves … and who encourages us to welcome and deepen the call to be in the Church “Mother Candida’s Family”.

Graciela Francovig Superior General, with her words of welcome, invited us to recall what has happened to us since May 2021, when we had our first meeting. What has happened in each of our countries with that “A living charism, a shared way”? “A living charism, a shared path” that we wanted to celebrate? that we wanted to celebrate? And he invited us to continue growing as a Family, to continue allowing ourselves to be made by God.

We were accompanied by Nadia Coppa, Religious Adorer of the Blood of Christ. His reflections are born of an experience of a congregation that has realized this call, of the newness that the Spirit is awakening in a time of great challenges in which, looking around, it is difficult to keep hope high. He reminded us that each one of us is the depositary of a great mission from the moment we receive the gift of the Spirit. And that the charismatic family in the Church is a prophecy in our world.

What can help us?

  1. Drawing fire from the same Spirit
  2. Accepting to become little by little what we already potentially are, taking care and nurturing what we already are by our own identity.
  3. Welcoming the gift of “laicism”.
  4. To be a school of communion.
  5. To be “God’s people”.
  6. Deep understanding of charisms
  7. Shared discernment and common strategic planning.

We had a few minutes of personal reflection to realize what elements are helping us to become aware of being a charismatic family and to think about how to continue to animate and consolidate it, concrete steps to respond to the Call of GC XVIII.

After a rich sharing, our Superior General closed the meeting with some words of encouragement and sending .

And let’s not be overwhelmed or preoccupied in those searches. Sometimes we don’t know how or where. But it is important to be attentive to those little intuitions that here and there the Holy Spirit of God arouses in us. And, it’s not about big things. The gospel is noticed by its smallness: ours is the yeast in the dough, the mustard seed and the small seed that is cast into the ground.

Return to your places to ask the Lord, through his Spirit: What concrete steps could we already take to respond to the Call of GCXVIII?