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In constant formation

March 25, 2018

There are varied formative proposals that have been developing in recent months in the Spain-Italy Province, both in the Educational Works and for the Communities

The year started with the first meeting of the 5th promotion of training for administrators. It consists of 4 weeks (spread over two academic courses), which addresses various topics on the administration of educational centers, with time to continue deepening our own identity and charism and way of proceeding (more information about the formation of administrators)

This formation for administrators has been complemented for some years now with another week aimed at spiritual formation. This is already the third school year that a week of Spiritual Exercises is being offered for those people who belong or have belonged to management teams in the schools of the Province. This experience takes place in Loyola. This school year 26 teachers gathered there from February 18 to 23, accompanied by Ana Cantalapiedra FI, Blanca Esther Iriarte FI and Mª Luisa Berzosa FI. (more information on the website of the Spain-Italy Province)

Within the plan of institutional formation within the educational works there is also a section for those who join the teaching staff. During their first three school years they carry out a process that includes several meetings every year. This quarter the different groups of new teachers have addressed issues such as justice, schools as evangelizing platforms or have traveled in Valladolid, Burgos and Salamanca in the footsteps of Mother Candida.

The continuing training of teachers is also important. Therefore, in addition to attending different training proposals at the local level, a group of about 20 teachers from Almeria, Malaga, Burgos, Valladolid, Seville and Madrid are participating in the new version of Profesores en Acción [Teachers in Action] organized by Catholic Schools to support methodological change in schools, that places students as protagonists of their own learning. A total of 40 hours of face-to-face and online training concluding on April 14.


For Communities:

In addition, during the first weekend of February, the Provincial Government and the Local Superiors participated in a couple of days of formation under the title “the person of the Superior, subject with vocation (intrapersonal relationship) and subject in relation (interpersonal dimension )”, which was accompanied by the Jesuit Elías López.

A week later the call for formation was directed to all the sisters of the province who wanted to attend. This time it was a weekend for the realization of a workshop given by Maite Valls, religious of Jesus Maria, and entitled “Forgiveness in terms of Exercises”There were 65 Daughters of Jesus who attended the convocation, giving themselves time to make new paths in being women of communion, reconciled and reconciling, as reflected in the Determination of the17th GC.


Africa Day

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