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In memory of Maria Velasco fi

June 13, 2016

In these days in June 2015 we were following with a troubled feeling your state of health, and on the 14th came the expected news about your Easter which we never wanted to receive … but your life belonged to the Lord – you knew it well because you had made it a reality — and why would you not accept that He would arrange your departure as He wished?
Throughout this year we have remembered you, rather we have kept you in mind continuously; that absence turned into a great presence in the heart because it is true that love is stronger than death.
In the many and varied vicissitudes of everyday history, there and here, in your beloved Dominican Republic, in Latin America and Europe, and in Spain and everywhere, life goes on between light and shadow, without robbing us of our dreams; on the contrary, offering us a multitude of trials and apostolic challenges that give much meaning to our vocation and mission, even though many times we are tempted to give up due to the disproportion between what we dream and the means. But there also I see and hear you: “It is worth continuing; giving up one’s life is not lost, to give all is the best thing that can happen to us; it is a joy “…
And in these circumstances and in many others, you continue to be my older sister, my leader from whom to learn wisdom, that science which gives us enough clarity to distinguish and put in its rightful place the essential and the relative, the ends and means without changing the order, to see the difficulties realistically but not make them the center of life …
I continue to see you always supporting whatever beam of light appears wherever, however difficult things may turn out to be, from whatever quarter; if it is light one must allow oneself to be enlightened to go forward.
Thank you, dear Maria, for continuing to push the small or great steps of life toward LIFE. In this paradox of death-life, of time-eternity, of absence-presence … we know we are in deep communion of love, of harmony in ideals, in believing and supporting the few certainties – does any exist? – that reach us in order to live in a meaningful way this path we call human life.
We continue to walk together because those invisible threads are delicately strong enough to sustain us in this unconditional and unshakable yes that the Lord walks with us and how, as with those of Emmaus, he leaves our hearts burning and gives us signs of life with the bread and wine.
Thank you, Maria, for being you and being with us, for being present and being life from infinite and mysterious, but real fullness. Thank you, Lord, for having given us Maria, woman of totalities who already enjoys with you and together with you.

A prolonged hug…
Maria Luisa Berzosa fi