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International Meeting of the Daughters of Jesus Communicators

March 23, 2022

Next Monday 28th, the First International Meeting of communicators of the Congregation will take place. Representatives of the five provinces, of Mozambique and of the two foundations created by the Congregation, FASFI (at the general level) and Jesuitinas (the educational foundation responsible for the schools in Spain), will attend via zoom.

Under the slogan “Shall we connect?”, they will address a double objective: to get to know the people who provide this service in the Congregation and to initiate a networking process. Undoubtedly, this is an opportunity that will help them to grow in identity and belonging; as well as to know and value the work that each one is doing. 

This meeting will be marked by listening and reflection in order to seek together how to grow in this area of communication “in and of the” Congregation (Circular No. 3 of the Superior General to the whole Congregation).

Currently, the Daughters of Jesus, at the general level, have a website and a profile on Facebook and Twitter. These are spaces where we share with the world who we are, what we do, and how we do it. 

We invite you to follow us on these channels which could also serve as a meeting place where you can exchange opinions and points of view. 


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