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Journey from the heart (IV)

April 5, 2020

The days go by, are they happening? Sometimes it seems that time has stopped, however the month of March ended; Spring has already brought us but walks to parks and gardens are still in the mood.

Often a feeling of heaviness in the environment and in the body that feels the pain and death of so many people, near and far; coworkers, friends, very close people whom we cannot fire; It is a double duel, something that remains pending and among those who cry they cannot console themselves because they cannot meet. This crisis brings us inhuman aspects, but also a thousand ways of closeness, of consolation, of consolation, of helping each other run.

Week of listening to voices from other countries and continents; At Entreculturas we hold the weekly meeting on Thursdays and look forward to it with the joy of seeing each other and receiving news from the entire Fe y Alegría family. Last week it was very shocking to hear two young people who are in Brazil and Peru the health reality of these places, basic hygiene things like water are missing … they have decided to continue with their commitment to volunteering despite everything or precisely because of having discovered that “here is our place now”. All an example of generous delivery.

Also in this week we celebrate in the Congregation the 151 of the inspiration that our Founder received on April 2, 1869 to start our religious family in the church and the world of that time; and from that dream that she supported with the help of the Lord, here we are and in this situation of world crisis we turn our eyes to her, to her beginnings and we are encouraged because they were not easy times either.

Many times I wonder if in the face of the difficulties he had – so many and so strong! – he had regretted dreaming and executing that dream, and had followed another easier path, without so many problems, how many girls and boys had been left without education. , without a safe place, without the loving and demanding dedication of their teachers. Always in difficult times I like to look at Cándida María de Jesús and her eyes give me courage and confidence to continue.

For this reason we receive letters from our Provincial Superiors and General accompanying us and giving us news of the entire family dispersed throughout the world; We learned from this that Mati in Venzuela and Pilar Brufal in Myannmar are alone, living with the laity and laity with whom they share the mission. Another reason for admiration and gratitude; we feel “together” with them in the distance and we wish that they could soon be in one of our communities.

And from various parts of the world we receive news that health is in danger for many people and those most in need are always the first to suffer these crises. But also compassion and solidarity translate into highly creative ways, because when our hearts are affected and our insides are moved, we think of ways and gestures never thought of because we never experience similar situations. And we are pleasantly surprised that even without leaving home “we are to go” to those who are most in need of caresses, hugs, recognition, company.

And we continue to thank the cities and towns for the generous service of so many people who are at our service in society and who we did not value because we did not realize how essential they are. At dusk, now with more light, we give that applause that sings “thank you from the heart and encouragement so that you continue to give your life”.

And also Pope Francis approaches the world again by entering our homes at dinner with his message for Easter and reminds us: “In the risen Jesus, life has defeated death. This Easter faith nourishes our hope I would like to share it with you tonight. It is the hope of a better time, in which we too can be better, finally freed from evil and this pandemic. It is a hope: hope does not disappoint; it is not an illusion, it is A hope”.

And when we approach Palm Sunday we receive the news that we are still confined – also trusted? – another three weeks more and we have to take a breath and make the effort to continue at home for the common good. And we continue to listen to numbers and percentages and statistics without knowing what they really have, but we want to trust that we are improving …

And Easter knocks on our door and invites us to make this journey very close to the Lord in his dedication to the end done service; his passion and death today in the crucified of our world, but everything ends in the Resurrection and we can no longer search among the dead for the one who lives.

María Luisa Berzosa fi
Entrevías – Madrid