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Journey from the heart (XI)

May 26, 2020

These trips from the heart are coming to an end.

Next Sunday May 31 will be my last story. The month ends and the socio-sanitary panorama changes.

This week that concludes leaves me a certain concern about the violence that has been unleashed on many of our streets in the capital Madrid and other municipalities. With a strong presence, although not exclusively, of young people.

And why does it concern me if passionate radicality is inherent in youth, to be young is to be combative, to assert oneself viscerally, to oppose established systems? Because I perceive that a small dose of intolerance is the component of these revolts. One against the other and all believing that they possess the flag of the only truth.

And I am also concerned that in the face of a pandemic situation that affects us so universally we do not leave our particular and partisan visions. What do we need to allow ourselves to be affected and look towards so many people who are suffering? What has to happen in the world so that we allow ourselves to be affected and get out of the walls that close us ?. And I am not only referring to the disease and death that accompanies us and which is immense, but to the consequences that are already coming from a socio-economic level above all.

Is it that we cannot live with diverse ideas? Too bad! When our world is crossed by the exchanges of diverse cultures, of people of different races, color, language, socio-political, religious, philosophical principles … entangling ourselves in these struggles of violent imposition seems to me like a step backwards or living in another era . That is why I find it contradictory that young people join – or we adults are responsible for it.

But in the week more things have happened and full of little-big gestures of life that I don’t want to forget. During the confinement it seems that some books have been created that will see the light of day in the next month; after the forced winter, June is going to flourish literarily. “Dear Amazon: From conversion to sleep” is a guide to read the Post-Synodal Exhortation, shared with Jaime Tatay sj and Rafael Luciani, a lay theologian from Venezuela.

“Caminos de reconciliación: Diez historias de fe y amor LGTBI”  (Paths of reconciliation: Ten stories of faith and love LGTBI)to which I have put a foreword and which has been compiled by Pablo Romero. And an academic book by several authors under the direction of Javier de la Torre, a professor at Comillas like Pablo, with the title “Homosexualidades y cristianismo en el siglo XXI”  (Homosexualities and Christianity in the 21st century). Issues of life, of our society, that it is good to have a letter of citizenship and offer us to continue delving and opening ourselves to the “common house” and in it to every human being.

And the news follows: on Wednesday the 20th we woke up with the death of Adolfo Nicolás sj, who was superior general of the Society of Jesus for 8 years, from 2008 to 2016. We knew of his serious illness but death always surprises us. We continue reading as many portraits as they are published and that all portray his rich human and spiritual personality, with that fusion of cultures that he possessed between East and West, since born in the province of Palencia, his life was largely developed in the Philippines and Japan, where he ended his days. A man of openness to interculturality, affable, with great joy and a sense of humor, it was a delight to meet him.

Throughout the week the 5th anniversary of the publication of Laudato Si is remembered with varied activities and the permanent reminder to care for planet earth for the use and enjoyment of all human beings, without forgetting that they are the center of creation.

The forced confinement that we have lived through for two long months is coming to an end, although slowly and progressively and without letting our guard down or believing that everything has passed; Too much trust and abandoning the indicated measures can backfire. But going for a walk, being able to participate in the Eucharist, meeting in small groups … gives some relief although it is very strange to see nothing but the eyes of the people, maintain separation at all times, a rare sensation of flight instead of approach … Will we get used to this mode of relationship?

We continue. Let’s not get tired to avoid setbacks. Firmness and compliance with preventive regulations is a good component to take care of health and life. Take care to take care of ourselves. There is a greater and universal good, it is about looking wide and high, beyond my own confines.

And as León Felipe reminds us:

“I am holding the reins tight and restraining the flight because it is not that it
is important to arrive alone not soon,but to arrive with everyone on time ”

Is a collective effort that will give us advantages to enjoy all of the learning that this pandemic is undoubtedly leaving us.

María Luisa Berzosa fi
Entrevías -Madrid