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Letter No. 22 from the Superior General

February 14, 2022

We share the letter nº 22 that our Superior General has written to all the sisters of the Congregation with the desire to make known to us the life that moves and to continue making family.

Graciela begins by referring to the homily of Pope Francis on February 2, on the World Day of Consecrated Life:

What moves us? By whom do we allow ourselves to be moved mainly, by the Holy Spirit or by the spirit of the world? The Holy Spirit makes it possible to perceive the presence of God and his work not in great things, in external ostentation, in demonstrations of strength, but in smallness and fragility. The Spirit wants us to cultivate daily fidelity, docile in the little things that have been entrusted to us. Pope Francis reminded us: How beautiful is the fidelity of Simeon and Anna! Every day they go to the temple, every day they wait and pray, even if time passes and it seems that nothing happens. They wait their whole lives without getting discouraged and without complaining. And he ended this first question by telling us: It will do us all good today to review our interior motivations, discern our spiritual movements because the renewal of consecrated life passes first of all through here.

I invite you to reread or listen to this homily to continue reflecting on the other two questions: what do our eyes see? What do we hold in our arms?

A healthy invitation that makes us see that the center of everything is Christ, to be welcomed as the Lord of our lives.


And then, she tells us some news from the Congregation:

1. Already in the Amazon!

Since January 24, our sisters Kenia Cedeño and Yomaris Tolentino have been in Peru, bound for the WIJINT Mission in the Vicariate of YURIMAGUAS. On February 17 they will have the mission sending mass and they will leave to go into the Amazon jungle.

So far they are in the city of Lima, sharing with the Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate and Saint Catherine of Siena,  better known as Lauritas Sisters. With them, we are going to the Amazon in an inter-congregational project and in collaboration with others. As I previously announced, the project has a duration of two years and it is a volunteer experience. It is good that we know more about the REIBA project. When they arrive at the WIJINT Mission and get to know it, they will give us news. In our virtual meetings I told them that they do not go alone, the Body goes with them. Let us give thanks for our presence in the Amazonian territory because the desire to go where others do not want to go is still present in us.

2. Admissions and appointments

Florie May Llorando from the Philippines has been admitted to the perpetual profession. She will make her perpetual profession in the Philippines on May 31st.

Silvia Rozas, who was going to make her profession on January 22, the eve of Sunday of the Word of God, has not been able to do so because she is infected with Covid. Soon they will let us know the new date.

The Dominican Republic will be a single community and the superior will be the Sr.  Altagracia (Iris) González VenturaShe will also be a provincial councilor, as Melba will be in Spain for an extended time.


3. Meeting of Provincial Superiors and Delegate for Mozambique.

Between 3 and 7of  February, the annual meeting was held with the Provincial Superiors, Delegate for Mozambique, Formators, and Provincial Governments. The themes that have occupied them have been varied, as varied is the service of government: prayerful look and reflection of the statistical data of the Congregation, dialogue on the current challenges of formation (accompanied by Fr. Alberto Luna, SJ), and on synodality, with Monsignor Luis Marín and with Mª Luisa Berzosa, Daughter of Jesus.

Each day, they met for two hours, which helped them to feel the Body and remain united in the exercise of government for the care of the good being of the Congregation.


4. Sendings

The sendings in the Body remind us that we “are for going,” Graciela tells us. And when a sister is sent, it does the Body a great deal of good. On this occasion she communicates two:

Sr. María del Carmen Jiménez Correa, who until now has been in the Casa Curia, to Córdoba (Argentina). María del Carmen will collaborate in the needs of that province and will continue with the assignment she has from the general level of coordinating the pastoral youth ministry

Ana Cristina Peña is also due to travel to Mozambique. She has had this sending for a long time and for various reasons, including the impossibility of traveling due to the pandemic, it has not materialized.


5. Continuity of the canonical visit to Spain: February 20 to April 1.

The first stage of visits to Spain was carried out in the months of November and December of last year,

I am very grateful for the experience I had in the first part of this visit: of a true encounter with the Lord, of dialogue about our lives and what gives us life, of sharing concerns and searches for the greatest good.

In this second stage she will be accompanied again by the Counselor Sonia Regina Rosa.  Let us pray that the visit can have the fruit that is intended.


6. On the synodal path

In addition to the commitment of the Daughters of Jesus to the synodal process in our local Churches, the UISG (International Union of Major Superiors) has asked the Superiors General for a reflection on synodality in each Congregation. The provincial governments have sent a reflection on the two questions proposed by the Synod, How is this “walking together” carried out today in the Congregation itself? and What steps does the Spirit invite us to take to grow in our “walk together”?  The synthesis will be made to deliver to the UISG at the end of February.

We end by making Graciela’s farewell wish our own and extend it to all who read us: that we remain united in our daily surrender to the Lord and to our brothers.