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March 25, 2018

                                   By: Sr Edhen Mae R. Paranga F.I

My experiences in the Spiritual Exercises allowed me to encounter the God who loves me unconditionally.  He anchored me on this love as He manifested Himself to me as a loving Father at the same time as a Good Shepherd .  From these images sprang the confirmation that I am God’s precious daughter.  My contemplations also  brought me to an awareness of His participation  in all my undertakings in life. However, I discovered at times I was blinded and engrossed with so many things  that I failed to recognize His presence and guidance. In spite of His goodness , I created walls of sins between us which gradually  separated me from Him. My sinfulness produced great pain , shame and remorse in my heart but He accepted and embraced me wholeheartedly with no trace of condemnation .  His loving gaze gave me an assurance that I am loved and forgiven.

God’s overflowing graces led me to an internal  knowledge of Jesus during my contemplation of His Incarnation   especially when I imagined myself participating in that mystery. It created a deep impact in my life because Jesus took the human form, lived a life of poverty and humility, suffered , died and resurrected FOR ME.  His life was patterned and lived in accordance to the will of the Father and dedicated His ministry in building the Kingdom. He embraced and accepted sufferings and death on the cross wholeheartedly as a consequence of His  love FOR ME. His death was not the end of everything instead it offered a new beginning, a new perspective and a new life. His joyous and hopeful presence after His resurrection melted my fears, doubts and insecurities and strengthened my trust in Him. As a  daughter of the Resurrection , I was invited to become a living witness of His love, hope and joy especially to my poor brothers and sisters in the community.

My heart was filled with much gratitude and love for all the countless  gifts and blessings I received from God. I became more grateful to all my experiences, and to all the persons who  helped me to grow as a person that I am now. My contemplations gradually changed my outlook and disposition in life as an Hija de Jesus as well as my sensitivity  to God’s will and presence in everything. At the same time, this taught me to be more dependent on Him knowing that everything is only possible with His grace . I was aware that in the process of following His footsteps I may fall or stumble several times  but His promise assured me to face the future with courage to go on. Thus, in response to His love, I made a humble offering of my whole self as my way of expressing my love and gratitude to Him. Take, Lord and accept all my liberty …