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Mauro’s mother has passed away

February 20, 2021

Irene Bellito, 87, the mother of Mauro and Carla, passed away last Thursday, February 18.

Mauro is the gardener and maintenance worker for the Curia. He succeeded his father, Giuseppe, when he passed away in our building in 1984.

The family resides in the small house at the entrance of the farm, so they are our closest neighbors. In other words, they are “like from our own home”.

Irene, neighbor and mother, has seen many sisters pass by here. She has met those who came to courses, to work, to visit, to stay … A silent and discreet, understanding woman. When there was an opportunity, she realized that the sister she greeted would easily not speak Italian. Perhaps that is why he made himself understood so well with a smile and a slight bow of the head. Very little is enough for those who arrive to feel welcomed.

One or two days before Christmas it is a tradition for the staff who work in the house to meet the sisters, to congratulate each other, have some sweets together and have some time together. He came in 2019, accompanying Mauro, we enjoyed. The Covid did not allow Irene to come last Christmas and, in addition, she was very weak.

A tumor was slowly doing its job and hardly had time to be noticed. And, as sometimes happens, a fall, breaking a leg and an arm, precipitated the end. The pandemic we are experiencing has made farewell more painful. It is the same that is lived in different parts of the world, because it is required by the established protocols.

If God knows something is to be “Mother”, that is why we are sure that Irene enjoys his embrace. We ask for that consolation for your children. We will miss her.