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Meeting in Madrid of Those Responsible for Communication in Educational Works

March 8, 2016

Last Friday a total of 30 communication officers of all the educational works of Spain-Italy met for the first time in Madrid at the Colegio Mayor Berrospe, convened by the Provincial Support Team for Communication (EPAC – Equipo Provincial de Ayuda a la Comunicación).What they have in common unites them a great deal: a passion for communication and the desire to evangelize.

“We began the meeting with a time to pause, to pray and share the desires and expectations for the day. From the start a good harmony among all participants was established, putting in common the desire to contribute to the Mission from communication.

Although there would be multiple approaches and content to treat (given the breadth of the field of communication), for this first meeting the desired objective was simple: to get to know each other, to put a face to the name of each one, to know what people are behind a web publishing, a Like on Facebook or a retweet. A getting to know each other in order to be able to reflect together and share a project and thus create networks to help us in communicating what we are.

A whole day in which to present the Provincial Project, explain the project EPAC and the progress made in the last two years; there was also time for work in small groups, to share experiences, make proposals, outline the future.

We ended our meeting expressing our desire to weave a universal network from the local, and contribute to the aim of communication in the Congregation: “the union of hearts and minds”.



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