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Meeting of Superiors of America Andina

August 16, 2016

United in formation, reflection, discernment, prayer, rest … ENCOUNTER; the Provincial Superior and the superiors of the various amplified and not amplified communities of the Province of  América Andina had the First Encounter of Superiors from August 4 to 7, filled with gratitude and deep commitment. Bolivia was the sacred land that welcomed us as a government that accompanies and animates the mission to recover the local level in this small portion of the Universal Body. From our arrival the reception and the cheerful service by the Sisters of the Provincial house of Cochabamba, infused life and gratitude into every step of this Training School for Superiors which we opened and which we want to strengthen with spaces of deepening in everyday life. We have come together from the five countries of the Province. We value internationality: 7 nationalities were present among us, expression of universalism in Andean America.
The various topics proposed by the Provincial Superior responded to our concerns and needs in this service of animation and support of the local level.
– The illumination on Compassionate Communication opened horizons for us and left us with tasks regarding respectful understanding of others and being present, aware of our needs and of what we choose to live freely every day.
– Remembering the congregational journey on the theme of the Local Level was, for all, a very singular confirmation of how the Spirit leads the Congregation when we all become available to live in obedience to the will of the Father. The openness, listening and availability of the Superior General and her Council in welcoming the motions, frailties and insights coming from the whole Congregation cleared our vision from fear and despair and opened for us paths for growth. This way of Maria Inez of accompanying our life, in her circulars and visits, questions us, raises hopes and encourages us to trust that it is HE who strives to strengthen the Universal Body from the Local Level.
– Taking up the revitalization of the Local Level in our lives from the perspective of our congregational documents (CFI, CND, EURF, 17TH GC) helped us to recognize the necessity of nourishing ourselves daily from the fountain of life present in our Constitutions. It helped us to be aware that communication and transparency for the Daughter of Jesus are not an option, but the very way of being and living as Daughters and Sisters, because creative fidelity to the mission received as Apostolic Body is involved in it. We recognized that we are on the way, still fragile, but eager and willing to use the means to grow.
– In light of these reflections, sharing the route taken by each community was learning from each other, noting the itinerant state that this historical moment asks of us in order to know how to listen to reality, walk confidently and simply let ourselves be led by the Spirit, being aware that our weaknesses point to the fact that we have not yet assumed our human and spiritual growth as Mission.
– The space for practical issues in handling the secretariat and archives of the communities, which Teresa Ramirez, provincial secretary, facilitated for us, responded to a need that we had not manifested but in which several of us admitted ignorance. It helped us to become aware of the importance of these details for the history of the Congregation and how it is part of the apostolic mission entrusted to us.

From the various experiences in personal and community prayer, the celebrations of the Eucharist, “sobremesas” sharing with the community the life of each country present, deepening in our documents, rest and informal conversations, we have celebrated with gratitude that the SPIRIT CONTINUES TO SEND US TODAY TO BE THE MERCY OF THE FATHER.

FI Superiors, América Andina