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March 3, 2016

Last Saturday the annual meeting of the delegates of FASFI was held in Madrid, in the “Colegio Mayor Berrospe”. Also invited were other people who make up the different delegations. After the Morning Prayer came the presentation by Ana Isabel Gonzalez, MMB, on Spirituality and Politics. Topics that a priori we think have no relationship between them or that politics can be very far from us.  But Ana Isabel made us realize that in our day they are very close, and closer than we believe, for we do politics with our daily actions or omissions.
It helped us to internalize a little more about the social, environmental and economic repercussion of our consumption, how the structural system influences us to consume, and it made us see the political dimension to the Christian faith, for the will of God and justice is the same, and every area is God, so there we have an obligation.
Finally, we specified actions with a “list of tasks” to keep in mind and fulfill in order to make a society and a world that is more just and more livable in the present, but also for future generations.
– Cultivate a Christian view of reality
– Learn to read reality and to situate ourselves in it among the last (root cause analysis)
– Take an active citizenship
– Set up all dimensions of our life from a critical and alternative solidarity (work in groups of solidarity, ecological responsibility, transform our lifestyles, cultivate peace and non-violence, and ask ourselves about the public-political dimension of our profession or social/ ecclesial engagement).
In the afternoon several work topics, including the challenges and achievements of the delegations and the approach to the development of a Strategic Plan for the foundation, were discussed.