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Merry Christmas 2023!

December 24, 2023

To the Daughters of Jesus and the rest of the Mother Candida Family:

In this meaningful Christmas season, may the Prince of Peace, Emmanuel-God with us, fill the world and our hearts with His peace as we welcome the “Son of God,” born for us. May the call to PEACE enlighten us as children of the same Father so that we may be bearers of His peace that this world so longs for.

The mystery of Jesus’ birth is God’s greatest gift to all humanity. The God of all creation who comes to us with the greatest humility as a newborn child, fragile and defenseless, reveals his unconditional love, seeks us out and finds us to give us all LIFE, new beginnings, regardless of our race, color, culture, beliefs and language. In our world overshadowed by darkness, a light has illuminated us!

Christmas is also a time of GRACE. Our Lord wants to enrich each one of us with a HOPE beyond our sight and our possibilities. A HOPE founded in God that helps us to walk together as brothers and sisters to be messengers of hope for those who have none. He never abandons us, nor does he abandon his beloved people. He comes at the moment when we need Him the most. In a world where life is threatened, heartbreaking realities beyond our imagination, where families and loved ones are torn apart by wars, conflicts and threats about to break our planet, our Lord, the only source of Hope and refuge, invites us to join our hands in fraternal Hope in order to make this world a better place to live in.

Like the humble shepherds, let us welcome together, with grateful hearts, this wonderful night of his coming. Let us humbly approach the manger and, bending our knees, let us adore and contemplate this precious gift: “Jesus” gift for our good. Let us let our hearts also be His manger, for He always longs to dwell in the depths of our being embraced with love. This may be the best gift we can give you at this time. May His presence bring us warmth, strength, closeness, forgiveness and healing.

May the cry of the holy child unite our thoughts and prayers with those with whom we walk together, especially the poor, and our families, as we reencounter a God who gives us meaning and existence, which is the true essence of Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Graciela Francovig, FI, Superior General,

Sisters of the General Council and of the Curia community