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Mo. General’s Visit to the Cebu-Mindanao Community

March 12, 2017

Mo. General, Ma. Inez Furtado, accompanied by Sr. Joy Salomo, one of the general consultors started their visit in the Cebu-Mindanao community on March 8, 2017.
They arrived in Cebu at around 8:00 am. They were picked up in the airport by Srs. Joji Silorio, Lorna Yu and Felisa Molina. Individual encounter with the sisters transpired the whole day. In the evening they watched the pictures of the other provinces of the congregation through power point.
The next day, Mo. General visited the Auxiliary Bishop Dennis Villarojo, the representative of Archbishop Jose Palma who was out of the country at the moment.
The visit was at the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish. Then she continued with her dialogue with the sisters. The visit to Cebu houses was capped with the night out to SM Seaside rooftop garden and a dinner at the IL Corso restaurant just near the area.