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February 14, 2017

The Superior General of the Daughters of Jesus has just appointed the new Provincial Government of the Indian Pacific:
– Thelma Barbarona Almedilla – Provincial Superior
– Emelinda Falsis Correa – First Consultor
– María Isabel Romero Escribano – Second Consultor
– María Leoly Maquiling Quitorio – Third Consultor
– Joji Silorio Zubiri – Fourth Consultor
In her circular letter no. 85 she thanked Catherine Cheong, Nilda Paloma and Flor Florece for their services as consultors in the previous triennium, asking the Father to let them find in their daily lives the help they have been able to offer during this period for the good of the whole Province. This government will begin on March 25, the day the Church celebrates the Incarnation.


Africa Day

Every May 25 we celebrate Africa Day, a date that commemorates the founding of the Organization of African Unity...