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Next Last Probation

July 25, 2022

After these years of pandemic, thank God, it looks like we will be able to have Last Probation next year.

Number 151 of the General Plan of Formation (GPF) explains that:

“Those sisters who, after the previous probations, show sufficient human and spiritual maturity to be able to make good use of this time of preparation for their definitive incorporation participate in the last probation. In the same way, it is hoped that their vocational discernment is already completed and that they can be confirmed in the choice they have made”.

During this six-year period, two groups were foreseen: one in 2020 and the other in 2023. Let us remember that the first group could not take place in Rome, as planned, because of the pandemic. Therefore, the six sisters who were admitted to the UP made the month of Spiritual Exercises (SE) in their provinces and, at different times, made their perpetual vows.

Graciela in her letter #25 tells us more about this Last Probation:

For the 2023 group, I have admitted the following junior sisters from Vietnam and Spain:

Li Tsao, Lucia

Nguyen Ho, Rosa

Nguyen Phan, Anna

Sanz Martinez, Esther Eva

The LP will start in February and end in mid-June. We thought it appropriate that the six sisters of the previous group, who did not have this preparation, could share with the current group some of the experiences of the LP.

We have planned the following organization: for the first two months, only the four junior sisters who have been admitted will be present. They will have the introductory aspects and will do the month of SE in March.

From April onwards, as far as possible, the six sisters who have already made their perpetual vows will join them.

The Instructor for this group and with this modality will be Sr. Raquel Amigot, who is currently in Cuba.