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Notiandina 203 – July 2023

August 7, 2023

We share Notiandina 203 corresponding to the month of July 2023. In it we can find testimonies of life, faith and commitment.

    • María Elvira Bouza de Fullone. La Plata – Argentina
  2. International Novitiate, Cordoba, Argentina – Self-denial Experience
    • House of Kindness: Isairis Valerio Domínguez. FI Novice
    • José Bainotti Children’s Home: Gabriela Núñez. Novice FI
    • Walking again: Madelyn Núñez Novicia FI
  3. July 9, Independence Day
    • Mariana Franco, Primary School teacher, Colegio Corazón Eucarístico de Jesús, La Plata – Argentina.
  4. New prefect for the doctrine of the faith
    • La Plata Community – Argentina
  5. Meeting with young people on the occasion of Maria Goretti’s Patron Saint’s Day in Arroyo Ceibal
    • Villa Ocampo, Argentina
  6. Inspiration and beacon of hope
    • Antonia Sotelo FI. Eucharistic Heart School. La Plata – Argentina
  7. July, Ignatian month, also with young people
    • M. Carmen Jiménez FI. Córdoba – Argentina
  8. Missionary Camp 2023 – let’s walk together with Jesus
    • Rommy Villarroel FI. Good Retirement, Capinota
  9. If I get lost, I know where to find me
    • Laura Ruíz, FASFI volunteer in Potosí, Bolivia
  10. No more drugs! No more violence! We are on time
    • Gabriela Núñez Peralta, Mother Candida International Novitiate