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Notiandina June 2018

July 11, 2018

The Notiandina of the month of June arrived with many news and stories from the American continent. Celebration of a march for life in the month of May, and the ocean and its tremendous contamination in mind in the month of June are the topics that open this compendium of news. A call to reflection to get to work for the lives of people and our planet.

The echoes of the 3rd  International Meeting of the Laity continue to arrive. The laity who had the opportunity to participate continue to tell what they saw in all corners and to be amazed by all the good received. “It was a great joy to participate in this meeting with the laity of Bucaramanga. I could feel the love of Mother Candida and the desire to know her more as an aid in life, “explains our Sister Rommy Sandra Villarroel, FI.

The sisters of Reina de la Paz, in Bucaramanga, write an exciting letter addressed to Sister Cloti, who is in a process of recovery, with much courage to offer “all the inconveniences for the good of the congregation.”

These are some of the news and beautiful texts that you can find this month in Notiandina. We encourage you to take a look at it.

You can get the Notiandina by clicking on this link.